I’m Danial, a Marketing Expert from Lucerne, Switzerland

Build An "Autopilot" Passive Income Stream That Can Generate Your Business An Extra 20k A Month

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How this 5 step passive income method works

We keep this process very simple to understand.
Your results are OUR results at the end of the day.

1. Discovery Call

Have a quick chat to see if your a good fit or not. We will NOT work with you if we feel we cant get you results. Then simply lay out the process and get to work.

2. Target Market Research

This is where we gather all the information such as testimonials, reviews and analyze your competitors. It's very important to get this right to connect to your audience.

3. Segmentation

Here is when I go in and separate your list into different sections. Buyers from leads, active emails from dead emails etc.

4. Email Automations & Campaigns

This is where the skill is put to use. Email campaigns will be made for each section of your list to the HIGHEST standard. Maximizing conversions.

5. Bi-Weekly Review Calls

During and after the strategy is in place there will be bi-weekly calls to review the progress and discuss what's working/what's not

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Who’s behind all this great work?

I’m Danial, a copywriter and digital marketer from Lucerne, Switzerland.

4+ years of experience

I have been learning and working in the marketing field for more than 4 years

8 figure brands

I have worked with 8 figure brands and helped increase there revenue with email marketing.

The core values that drive my work

Danial's Cornerstone of Core Values and Unwavering Commitment to Excellence in Every Pixel, Every Word, Every Subscriber Interaction

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Hard Work

Hard Work is our foundation. We put in the extra effort to ensure your campaigns shine

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We keep you informed, ensuring trust and clarity in every step of your email marketing journey.

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We're always exploring new ideas and technologies to keep your campaigns fresh and effective.

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We work to fuel your brand's expansion, ensuring continuous improvement in your email marketing efforts.

What my clients say about my work

Discover the impact our marketing services have had on our clients' businesses. Hear firsthand accounts of how we've boosted their reach, engagement, and bottom line.

Your writing skills are really exceptional, keep on doing it.
I believe once I'm able to work on my leads turning them to top tier countries I would be needing your service again brother.
Once again thank you and let's crush this year!

Daryll Lavina
frances willem testimonial image

"He built emails with so much engagement and emotion"

Digital Creator
lily woods testimonial image

Honestly, I'm blown away by your talent you do such a great job.
What courses and things did you take lol?
You def know what you're doing.

Logan Cramer
andy smith testimonial image

Hi Danial! Yup!
I saw them and they're great and captivating Thank you so much for sending them.

Gebel Nuñes
andy smith testimonial image

Danial provided me with very detailed clear email swipes.
He did them in a timely manner and went above and beyond to help me.
The emails were of a professional standard.

Jenn Duran
andy smith testimonial image

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

What is the Discovery Call, and why is it important?

The Discovery Call is our initial conversation to determine if we're a good fit for your business. We prioritize results, and if we believe we can't achieve them, we'll be upfront. During this call, we outline our process and set the foundation for our collaboration.

Tell me more about Email Automations & Campaigns.

Our Email Automations & Campaigns are where our expertise shines. We create high-quality email campaigns tailored to each segment of your list, ensuring maximum conversions. This step is where the magic happens, and your passive income stream begins to grow.

How often do we review progress and strategies?

We believe in staying connected with our clients. We conduct bi-weekly review calls during and after the implementation of our strategies. These calls allow us to track progress, evaluate what's working, and make necessary adjustments for continued success.

Can you provide examples of results from past clients?

While every business is unique, we have a track record of helping clients achieve significant results, such as increased revenue, engagement, and customer retention. During our Discovery Call, we can discuss case studies and examples relevant to your industry.

What sets Danial Marketing apart in the marketing industry?

Our unique 5-step passive income method, personalized strategies, and commitment to results-driven marketing set us apart from the competition. We're not just marketers; we're partners in your business's success.

Contact me

Have a question, project idea, or just want to chat about your marketing goals? I'm here to help. Shoot me a message, and let's kickstart the journey to boosting your business together!

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